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Thank you so much for an amazing 10 years! The giveaway is now closed. Spanish channel: ve42.co/VeEs Arabic channel: ve42.co/VeAr

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I also want to say a massive thanks to all my EDUtuber colleagues. Meeting and making great friends over the last decade has been one of the best things about this career.

  • Richard

    Little late to this video but thank you for all the videos these past 10 years. Wow, it's been 10 years. Time flew by. While I still love science videos, I do hope you can find the time to upload some 2veritasium videos. I guess I am at the age where reflections and comments on social issues we face today are more appealing. Thanks again!

  • Simon Further
    Simon Further

    i like experiments life hacks mind blowing cience

  • Jesus Ibarra
    Jesus Ibarra

    We have the same ice cream favorites

  • Brandon Dao
    Brandon Dao

    i love this video, honestly thankyou for doing what you do.

  • OOF Meme
    OOF Meme

    How does this video only have 600 k views?

  • Daniel McMullen
    Daniel McMullen

    I love learning! And that’s why I love your channel, keep it up Derek! You’re doing awesome work providing top of the line educational videos

  • Etard cam (ETARD The LifeCaster)
    Etard cam (ETARD The LifeCaster)

    I think you look better now then when you were younger. I love the show & keep the videos coming.

  • Bish Bash Bosh
    Bish Bash Bosh

    Great insight

  • Martti Suomivuori
    Martti Suomivuori

    You thanking us? Hm. I feel the flow is the other way around. You are a Giver.

  • Elly Ezra
    Elly Ezra

    You look similar to Elon..

  • steffenmiethke

    Very inspiring! I dropped out of physics to study photography... But what I wanted to say is: with a whole team around you, you are way closer to a TV production than you could have ever imagined, that's crazy :) Love the videos, keep them coming. Yes Im late.

  • Kelsang Bhutia
    Kelsang Bhutia

    Can you do a video on Ancient Science and how practical or not are they. Say Ancient Greek methods, or Egyptian, Or Vedic Sciences of India

  • Kyle Vanderhorst
    Kyle Vanderhorst

    I'm late to the party, but the only thing I want from you is that you enjoy what you're doing. Your passion shines through and that's what makes your channel worth coming back to. Appreciate your time and efforts.

  • Manikandan N
    Manikandan N


  • fleeplayTV

    Just realized you are real life Sheldon but instead of fun with flags and being an overly comedic savant you are making actually really though provoking videos that are inspiring and fascinating.

  • Usama Iftikhar Butt
    Usama Iftikhar Butt

    Hey! Just received the Penrose tiles. Thank u so much!

  • Linda Arya
    Linda Arya

    The chubby mine extremely sneeze because bra lilly mend barring a pointless america. uttermost, stingy blouse

  • Endorfinjunkie

    First up: Congratulations for 10 years on this platform. I haven't discovered you too long ago but I'm thoroughly enjoying your videos. I really like your way of presentation and the topics you're choosing to tell us about. That being said, the video I enjoyed the most was about the one way speed of light. On so many occasions i thought that this new aspect would solve the dilema only to be proven wrong about 20 seconds later. I never thought I'd get so excited about something like the speed of light. Long story short: Thanks for having become a video maker and I'm eager to follow your further steps.

  • aboulzeek

    Loved this video as always. It would be great if you go around to high schools and lecture kids and do small experiments with them.

  • aboulzeek


  • aboulzeek

    Love some merch!

  • aboulzeek


  • aboulzeek


  • aboulzeek


  • aboulzeek


  • aboulzeek


  • aboulzeek

    Thank you! I live your videos!!

  • P SESHANTH Vishal
    P SESHANTH Vishal

    wholesome af

  • daniel oliveira
    daniel oliveira

    OMG i am Portuguese, so glad you married a Portuguese love 😍😍

  • beijing chef
    beijing chef


  • Leonardas Persaud
    Leonardas Persaud

    This guy looks like if you merged Sergey Brin and Mark Rober together.

  • Afkar Damba fata
    Afkar Damba fata

    Seriously, the reasons I keep watching this channel is because you are one of the person that save my life. I mean, I born and live in religious community, and after I grew up and see the world, I keep questioning everything, and I just couldn't find the answers from religions, and I just don't know who to ask. And someday your video " The illusion of Truth " Just pop into my screen . And that's it. Now I know, science is the way to understand reality. Thank you. It would be really nice if you keep doing what you're doing ( science + psychology ) and help us understand this reality. And big thanks for the great team behind the camera. 🍻

  • Liam Hawkins
    Liam Hawkins

    Your intelligence makes me feel simple, I can’t even spell PHD ..... 🇬🇧

  • MrVipitis

    The astrix is large publications that do matter. Like Lamarck getting merit due to epigenetics over Darwin

  • Monseoir Bart CracKshaw
    Monseoir Bart CracKshaw


  • aceplayer

    You never fail to disappoint Shine on

  • Vignesh Jr
    Vignesh Jr

    I just want you to solve the one way Speed of light you could do it

  • Prakhar Chaturvedi
    Prakhar Chaturvedi

    We want indian channel to derek

  • Mario

    Man you are old Wait no, we old

  • guy gendron
    guy gendron

    more music videos

  • Speed Junkie
    Speed Junkie

    Honestly the part where you talked about the phd inspired me, as i am going through very difficult and very stressful time right now writing my thesis

  • bcantero89

    Love every video I've watched... so far. You have "hypnotized" my mind. Thank you.

  • Mursal Lazuardy
    Mursal Lazuardy

    I very excited when i watch your "two way speed of light", yes every one of your video is always talk to the bottom of the problem, to the fundamental information, that's why i love this channel, but on that one video, destin is also there, it's add another perspective, and he's someone i recognize, michelle "vsauce" was also have been here, anyway the point is i like those collaboration video, i wish i could watch more of that kind. Thank you for being not just a youtuber, "and stay curious" -joe hanson

  • Straight-Line-Tech

    More science lol

  • Nikesh

    Can you make videos on human psychology

  • Erik de Jong
    Erik de Jong

    I like to see more science stuff on the detailed level

  • Majd Aldien Shreiky
    Majd Aldien Shreiky

    Thank you for making ones of the best videos about ones of the most exciting topics of our universe. I'd love to see more about Black Holes and stars you know, and also we need to learn more about Pi and why is it so important and useful and why we should calculate more digits of it, and thanks again for making me even more excited about science.

  • Rui Coelho
    Rui Coelho

    From Portugal, you you just won me with your attemp at bacalhau. Cheers and good luck!!

  • Jake Martin
    Jake Martin

    Thank you for your videos, maybe some classical physics stuff

  • John McGill
    John McGill

    The best videos are the ones that answer questions you didn't even know you needed answers to

  • jamcdonald120

    5:30 humble brag comming?

  • प्रश्न चिन्ह
    प्रश्न चिन्ह

    I just want to say Thank you Seriously Thank you

  • Eric Guerra
    Eric Guerra

    Thank you for sharing your passion of science to the world. Modern day Bill Nye the Science guy!!

  • Tech Connect
    Tech Connect

    I've been subscribed to you since you had only a few hundred thousand subscribers. I would say my favorite video you have done is the one about ageing with he two mice that are the same age. I like your videos that just talk about unanswered questions and offer up possible reasons. I'd like to see more videos about stopping aging. Keep up the great work.

  • Ibrahim B
    Ibrahim B

    There is a 𝐅𝐋𝐀𝐖 in video which might be right if i say now, Every letters is appearing for 5s, so basically if u just forward the video 5s everytime (from beginning to end) u will always see all letters, without actually watching full video.😊

    • Shabana N
      Shabana N

      Woah, thats mathematically cool...

  • Christopher Boland
    Christopher Boland

    I trust your content. You kill it.

  • shazam

    Derek, the the new millennium's James Burke and "Connections", especially the new Potash episode. I can't believe it has been nearly 10 years since I've been watching you. You look much younger without the beard, much younger even than a father of 3. I had a beard in the mid 70s, when I was in my 20s, but it scared little babies and dogs and made me look much older. I had middle aged strangers offer their seats to the "old man" I appeared to be, even after using Grecian Formula to get rid of the grey. Congrats!

  • Deepti Nadkarni
    Deepti Nadkarni

    I appreciate all your efforts throughout the years. You are a treasure to the global scientific community. I love that you put scientific concepts in words understandable for the general population!

  • WatchTheGameAddict

    Whoops I always thought it was 420🍁🍁

  • Kusuma Bhat
    Kusuma Bhat




  • P Rajitha
    P Rajitha


  • dony dominic
    dony dominic

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  • Deep Space
    Deep Space

    5:16 Can ı get those astronaut or cozmonot shoes, please?

  • Sahil Raza
    Sahil Raza

    Listen to me very carefully, I've watched tenet for 3 time now and tried my best to get it but it's so hard to digest so please make a video that explains the science in the movie's plot. Not just me but millions of people would appreciate it.

  • Tomujoen yliopisto
    Tomujoen yliopisto

    9:18 literal art

  • HardwareG33k

    Thanks for being awesome Dirk ;)

  • Steve Poper
    Steve Poper

    I wanna see more videos on the job market, as I'm a college student and would like to know if I still have a chance to get a job

  • Poindexter Queue
    Poindexter Queue

    What do I want to see in 2021? I want to see you fight PBS Spacetime.

  • Elias Danieli
    Elias Danieli

    We love you just the way you are!

  • Elias Danieli
    Elias Danieli

    Omg without beard you transformed into engineering explained

  • Pushkar

    I want to see making you hydrogen rocket (of plastic bottles) filled with hydrogen gas and oxygen by hydrolysis of water 😉! In fact I m gonna make a video on that 🙃

  • Rajit Shrivastava
    Rajit Shrivastava


  • Fundemort Grey Prime Defender of Truth and Justice
    Fundemort Grey Prime Defender of Truth and Justice

    You're supposed to be a geek, but you're not. I'm confused. And I believe many others too.

  • Ethan Rojas
    Ethan Rojas

    "Just start doing it" so true!!! Thank you for the inspiration! Everybody else, go subscribe to my SVsoft channel! =)

  • Srishti Shubhi
    Srishti Shubhi

    My favourite question here is at 10:09

  • Kevin W
    Kevin W


  • Alecsei D. Senthebov
    Alecsei D. Senthebov

    Well, Derek! I wanna see more of Theory of relativity, more Quantum mechanics and MORE ABOUT FUNDAMENTAL CHARACTER OF THE LAWS OF PHYSICS please!!! more maths but about its communicatins with real physical world. Thanks for ur video, Derek!

  • Lobstur

    I have idea for new vids do more Science.

  • Jamzan


  • Gene Nelson
    Gene Nelson

    As a science and engineering professor, I appreciate Derek Muller, Ph.D.'s approach to sharing cool stuff about science with a general audience. I believe Derek could become the next Carl Sagan, Ph.D. I look forward to his new videos.

  • agustinbs

    4:21 this is probably one of the most powerfull adviceces, some times is important be unaware, to not know, to be just slightly ignorant about what you are doing, so the fear does not drag and stops you.

  • Aryaveer Mehta
    Aryaveer Mehta


    • Aryaveer Mehta
      Aryaveer Mehta

      Not yet

    • Richard Traviz Celones
      Richard Traviz Celones

      did you win anything?

  • purkeypilot

    What shoes are those?

  • shruthi srikumar
    shruthi srikumar


  • Michael Schuhler
    Michael Schuhler

    "how much do you love science?" "to the moon and back" oh god, he's a physicist, he knows that's not a lot-

  • Mr. Nitsuj (Juice)
    Mr. Nitsuj (Juice)

    I've been looking into barometric pressure and how it affects us. Might be a cool idea.

  • Dheeraj Mundayur
    Dheeraj Mundayur

    I am a recent subscriber but have watched lots of your videos Waiting for more 🙂😀💖💖

  • Frost

    Happy 10th year Veritasium, congratulations to your decade long journey and long live! I've only discovered your channel recently although I've partly watched some of your videos in the past. I'm from the Philippines and also a big fan of science and technology. What particularly caught my attention throughout this video is about the translations to other languages. If you somehow want to have your videos translated to our dialect (Filipino), I would like to help out. Thank you and more power to your channel!

  • Haden Miles
    Haden Miles

    Only 500k views after 2 months, nearly 3 months!!! WHAT!


    Z,D,Y,2,G,S CODE

  • Ahmad Afrooz
    Ahmad Afrooz

    ZYS. I want to know more about fabric of space.

  • GodmyX

    Thank you! I still cherish the selfie I got with you in Olomouc, Czech Republic 2015, when I randomly ran into you as the Lawrence Krauss's talk was over :p I thought I was hallucinbating :P The other day my mother was watching some [Czech dubbed] documentary on the Ancient Egypt and you appeared there out the blue! I'm telling my mother: I know him, I've got a picture with him! :D (I was so proud of myself! Haha)

  • Ali Hasan
    Ali Hasan

    Videos on Electron ?

  • bastek66

    Derek looks weird suddenly shaved.

  • Priyansh Chaudhary
    Priyansh Chaudhary

    I love space❤️

  • Melanie

    he's always been so pretty

    • rainofrest

      @ElonMuskplsnoticeme hi m elon musk i notice u bye

    • ElonMuskplsnoticeme


  • MONSTER MAN (Cm 2.0)
    MONSTER MAN (Cm 2.0)


  • Big Brain Maths
    Big Brain Maths

    once i saw the video on how light is only one way i had exploded for your videos now all my free time is dedicated to watching your videos then annoying my friends with nonsense truth i think u should make more videos debunking lies, much like the gravity doesnt exist video i absoloutley love veritasium and remember ( 4:56 ) , daddy blast off into space

  • Celia YAHCCS
    Celia YAHCCS

    Thank you for explaining how and why you make videos! It would be nice to see some home-made science demonstrations with everyday household things and substances (fun for kids and parents... and anyone who enjoys science really!) I like the way a narrow linear flow of water from a tap can be bent by putting a statically charged biro near it. Or how a helium balloon can 'pretend to be in zero-G' when it has lost enough helium to be the same buoyancy as the air (I had fun videoing this as I was trying to spin it like a flying saucer but it wanted to be vertical not horizontal!) Or how big a bubble you can blow... I tried blowing hemispherical bubbles on my desk -they grew quite big like a foot or more in diameter. There must be loads of fun sort-of scientific things you can do at home.