Do You Expand With The Universe?
As the universe expands, is said to "stretch" photons. But if it stretches photons, does it also stretch molecules, galaxies and you? A portion of this video was sponsored by Salesforce. Go to to learn more.

Special thanks to Geraint Lewis - this video was based on his paper "On the relativity of redshifts"
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Expanding Space: the Root of all Evil?
Matthew J. Francis, Luke A. Barnes, J. Berian James, Geraint F. Lewis

Editing and VFX by Trenton Oliver
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  • John Lawson
    John Lawson

    At what scale does the expansion of the universe stop? The expansion is based on Megaparsecs . Mathematically you can convert that to any scale. Could should a very very tiny expansion for something a meter apart etc. At what point is the math wrong?

  • Randall

    who says the universe is expanding... it is 50/50 at best

  • strawberryalarmcl0ck

    my hypothesis is peoples atoms and molecules don't expand, but the ego does. maybe egos are made of dark matter...

  • Steve McCord
    Steve McCord

    Now that I've watched this video, I can't wait to go to work and use the term "red shifting" like I have any idea what I'm talking about.

  • SCRedstone

    "It's all doppler?" "Always has been."

  • TorQueMoD

    Sometimes your videos are just too confusing to understand what the heck you're talking about. I like when you're videos blow my mind without making me feel stupid :P

  • simonbarsinister100

    But I thought red shifting happened to something moving away from you, so how does someone receiving the redshift see it appear red shifted?

  • Colin Maharaj
    Colin Maharaj

    1:00 Wait a God darn minute. If everything is expanding, does it not mean the stuff/things that makes up the red shift, is it not expanding also, and thus, there should be no red shift??

  • Pafkata (PafkataOfficial)
    Pafkata (PafkataOfficial)

    So That's why im getting fatter

  • Kazmir Runik
    Kazmir Runik

    My answer without watching yet is this: The space within you DOES expand, but the particles in your body compensate for this by staying in the same proximity to one another based on the interaction of the four fundamental forces. For instance, if you're looking at a single atom and space gradually expands to twice its former distance, the electron cloud isn't going to move farther from the nucleus because its size is already determined by the balance of forces & the energy available to the atom. Scale this up, and it means that while the space within you expands, YOU do not expand because your particles just collapse in on the extra space.

  • _italkalot_

    reject humanity, E X P A N D t o S P A C E

  • yoursotruly

    I know the answer to the question is "No" so I'll get it right on the test as long as I don't have to explain it, something about stretchy protons which is what elastic is made out of, one presumes.

  • Random Village Stuffs
    Random Village Stuffs

    0:27 there’s a little excavator, looks cute 🤣🤣

  • Ryan Gunawan
    Ryan Gunawan

    Wait...would you say that the universe isnt expanding because we just discovered it? couldnt we just say that the universe is infinite and not expanding... Like stuff in desmos...its not expanding...your vision is but the thing itself is already infinite

  • Allen Russell
    Allen Russell

    I am troubled in cosmologist saying that the universe IS expanding. We see the edge of the observable universe as it was behaving 13.7 billion years ago. It may be heading right for us NOW. P.S. I use SalesForce everyday. OMG.. Extremely tedious.

  • Larry Foy
    Larry Foy

    If the universe is flat, how thick is it?

  • Rainer Wahnsinn
    Rainer Wahnsinn

    Derek, I'm not sure I understand. Are you saying, the universe is not expanding, and it's just dark energy pushing things away from each other _within the same constant-sized non-expanding universe_ ?

  • Yumiko

    "The problem is if you give it a second thought" Me: Yes, that is the source of all my anxieties

  • BeActive Behappy
    BeActive Behappy

    10:58 Well that got pretty dark pretty quickly...

  • epaybe

    When he was describing what would happen if you were put in the middle of nowhere space and the forces holding your molecules together were turned off, he was just straight up describing the Thanos snap.

  • Hacker Gaming
    Hacker Gaming

    How do we know that everything in the universe is constantly getting bigger

  • frog witt
    frog witt

    Into expanding space , the wavelengths expand not the photon.

  • Kevin Yancey
    Kevin Yancey

    I've been expanding, probably faster than the universe, with age! Lol.

  • Citizen Friendly
    Citizen Friendly

    You tube is really geting weird, specially after commenting,

  • Jake

    Whats the song right at the beginning? 0:05

  • Teelaire

    Technically, since light needs to travel, shouldn't the light from the "expanding" universe be so old that whatever created the light would already be dead? Kind of a paradox

  • Noel Murti
    Noel Murti

    yo that's crazy i use salesforce

  • Andre Goran
    Andre Goran

    If matter were expanding with the universe, then nothing would appear to get farther away, because out eyes and brains and yard sticks and photon measuring apparatus would be growing at the same rate.

  • Jason Landry
    Jason Landry

    I don't know if I'm just being ignorant of many astrophysical things. But I like to think of the "expanding universe" as the contents of the known universe just falling away from each other. Using gravity (or the bending of space-time) as an example of things attract, I think of the universe as a giant bulge in space time causing everything to fall away from each other (in a 3-dimensional way) like anti-gravity! Gravity is a concave bend in space-time, anti-gravity is a bulge in space-time. and the sum of all gravity in the universe is equal to the sum of all anti-gravity in the universe, conserving the energy (or force applied by the bending of space-time). Ouch, that hurt my brain. :)

  • Jerome B
    Jerome B

    If your in a rocket at light speed and shoot a photon backwards, would the two forces cancel out and basically reverse the expansion of the universe

  • Artisan Curses
    Artisan Curses

    Wait so... molecules aren't expanding but atoms are? If it's the electromagnatic force holding me together, is that saying that the "space" that's expanding exists between my molecules but doesn't exist between my atoms or my quarks?

  • robert flynn
    robert flynn

    No. I dont think we expand . We contract. Dying us like crystallization. Dark energy issues involved. Remember, cell is a liquid crystal that expands and contracts to solid.

  • Teri Mummy
    Teri Mummy

    10:01 that's what you came for

  • Danyon Swordfyre
    Danyon Swordfyre

    Well, considering the big rip is a real possibility and that space can indeed split even your quarks you are expanding.

  • EliteTeamKiller

    11:16 “Except for extraordinary circumstances” *One more piece of pizza...*

  • Unfinished

    That explains *WIDE PUTIN*

  • Moo A
    Moo A

    Then why scientists keep telling space is expanding if atoms, molecules, stars are not expanding?

  • Dongsheng Han
    Dongsheng Han

    my brain is fry

  • pratheepa selvarajah
    pratheepa selvarajah

    I think gravitational force prevents us from expanding!

  • Vaughan Francis
    Vaughan Francis

    So is this the same like the Doppler effect with sound in the sense of someone running beside a guy on a bike at the same or similar speed will not hear distortions. However the person standing still as the bike moves away hears the distortion of the sound waves.

  • Howard s
    Howard s

    I expand with buffets 🤣

  • vTransQueen

    The cosmic fluid is blurry af

  • Devo491

    Man, you break my mind with almost all your clips. Respect!

  • Real Life Legend
    Real Life Legend

    I'm fairly certain that I'm expanding FASTER than the universe!😂

  • James

    I don't wanna go mr StarK::::DeehhHH....

  • shiva VR D
    shiva VR D

    What are those "extraordinary circumstances" . Please explain, im not able to sleep 😰

  • Erivan Everlast
    Erivan Everlast

    just by looking at the title. i can already hear yo momma joke

  • Karthi baskar
    Karthi baskar

    Real answer starts by 10:01 ❤️

  • Nitika Sharma
    Nitika Sharma

    I watched the whole video but understood nothing.

  • Fauzul Azim
    Fauzul Azim

    I think the expansion is space itself, everything are stretched. - = Planck Scale of Space 1-2-3-4-5-6 1--2--3--4--5--6 From 1-2 = - (insignificant) From 1-6 = ------ (significant) How many Planck scales between the 2 atoms of your body? How many Planck scales between one of your atom to the one atom in Andromeda?

  • ИꓵꓤⱯꓥ

    the cosmic fluid is holded in a beaker by a alien 👽 outside of universe...and he is. heating the beaker so particles(our galaxies or planets) or moving fast ..the probability of hitting another planet by a planet is low , that's why we are believing the universe is expanding..

  • Nolan Robidoux
    Nolan Robidoux

    I was drawn to this video because a while back as a math exercise I decided to ask myself at work how fast space is expanding between me and a box of gloves 12 inches away. Just a lot of unit conversions on the Hubble constant. I ended up with 0.72573 attometers/s. I don't have the most intimate knowledge of this... but there is no measuring stick capable of detecting this distance, yes? The best one could hope for would be to place a reflector on the moon and a satellite in Earth orbit emitting x-rays and seeing if a redshift exists after correcting for who knows what? Or is the question already experimentally proven?

  • Quecksilber

    That's a lie! I am absolutely sure the universe is pulling on me and expanding me. ;)

  • Suji Mao
    Suji Mao

    Next up Turing machine!

  • Ronin Kwon
    Ronin Kwon

    My 2 brain cells trying to understand this video: So in short going into space makes you fat

  • David Wayne
    David Wayne

    Of "an" expanding universe and not "the" expanding universe.

  • Foundation Overseer O5-XIII
    Foundation Overseer O5-XIII

    Expand *D O N G*

  • vito mc
    vito mc

    Therapist: expanded veritasium isn’t real. He can’t hurt you Expanded Veritasium: *exists*

  • Swany gaming
    Swany gaming

    What if we are growing massive amounts like constantly growing just leaps and bounds bigger but everything also does it at the same rate so we never know

  • Brian

    I’d only ever heard of galactic redshift explained in terms of Doppler shift.

  • ninjxxitty

    i still dont understand it very well but at least somebody answered a question ive had for a while now

  • John Doe
    John Doe

    Well my wife is definitely expanding with the universe

  • Bryan Ryan
    Bryan Ryan

    "Way over my head. " ~Albert Einstein

  • Mervin Martinez
    Mervin Martinez

    Great video indeed, I would also argue that if we were expanding along with the universe we would see the universe as if it wasn't expanding, everything would look the same size from our perspective

  • Charles Joseph
    Charles Joseph

    God said i createing all your needs in every minute. Example air createing from the sky .

  • Stobber1981

    Question: in this video you call gluons and quarks virtual particles. I take that to mean they're just localized real values of field effects. But I don't find this term anywhere in Wikipedia's pages about the Standard Model, and I've struggled ever since engineering school to internalize the idea of wave-particle duality. Thinking of them as virtual particles helped a lot, but I'm worried it's not correct. Are elementary particles real chunks of matter? Or are they mathematical placeholders for energy that look like matter in the equations?

  • Chavez David
    Chavez David

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  • David Wilkie
    David Wilkie

    The vortex embedding theory is probably the best way to recognise temporal-spacing timing modulation by condensation and the reciprocal relationship between local and remote holographic connection distribution of now-instant zero-infinity. The turbo-sail wind powered trike is a great clue. Mass-energy-momentum Projection Drawing Conception.

  • Dan Loch
    Dan Loch

    Do I expand with the universe? Looks at waist line... "Yes"

  • Zoltan Andy
    Zoltan Andy

    You are wrong Veritasium. We are expanding along with the universe. That is how we can exist into eternity. Otherwise we would be shrinking in relation to the universe which would mean that our existence is short-lived. God created man to live forever and an expanding universe facilitates that plan very nicely. Your conclusion of the matter is not based on proof or even logic.

  • Fart Simpson
    Fart Simpson

    "You are held together by electromagnetic forces." So should we assume that it takes energy to maintain those forces and when you die other more powerful forces take over and (to paraphrase Shakespeare) you become worm food?

  • Carlos Magalhães
    Carlos Magalhães

    I like extraordinary expanding circumstances

  • gumonmyshu

    Yes! My waist line does.

  • Brent Grandin
    Brent Grandin

    Sorry this did not help because you started out with the assumption the universe is expanding which I have a very hard time buying into. I think it is more likely there are educated assumptions and some knowledge gaps that for now results in this current thinking. We have to be carful to not assume we know more than we really do. I think when it come to these concepts it is important to not be super confident and to acknowledge where knowledge gaps are and what is assumed. Otherwise less critical thinkers will take it as fact. We have to be able to take a step back and ask does this really make sense or is it more likely we need to learn more.

  • John Goe
    John Goe

    Love your vids but this one is just bs. God makes the environment and its not expanding that is baloney.

    • Hm Grraarrpffrzz
      Hm Grraarrpffrzz

      _"God makes the environment"_ So... how do we verify whether what you say is true?

  • Atomic Potato
    Atomic Potato

    big rip

  • 1Mountinman

    So, 'universal homogeneousness' must occur at a scaly significantly greater than the cosmic web (filaments populated by galaxy clusters interspaced between vast voids). This homogeneity is odd to me, because we know that even the CMB (the oldest remnant of the big bang we can detect) is not as homogenous as once thought.

  • Valentia Huguley
    Valentia Huguley

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  • alexander “Toranoko” sze
    alexander “Toranoko” sze

    Every time I read about the cosmic fluid I have an existential crisis with how ridiculously insignificant we are in the space

    • AxanLderE

      Perhaps you feel insignificant for being small in certain scales, but our scale is right for consciousness to emerge and is thereby more interesting than that of the cosmic fluid in my opinion.

  • Jeremiah Fernandez
    Jeremiah Fernandez

    11:17 _nods in agreement_ wait what

  • Alexander Hugestrand
    Alexander Hugestrand

    I don't quite buy the last part of this video - that we are not expanding with the universe. Give it a second thought. If we were expanding and getting larger, that would explain gravity. Also, it would mean that the universe is expanding at the same time as it's static. Two opposing views that are both true at once. If find that thought too beautiful to give it up.

    • Alexander Hugestrand
      Alexander Hugestrand

      @j gunther I'm not sure I understand, but it doesn't matter. I realize that my idea of expanding matter would cause our rulers to expand as well, and all our distance units. The light wouldn't look redshifted in that case. So forget about my post! I was wrong. 😁 Since I'm not convinced that the redshift is actually due to expansion (I don't like the idea of a big bang, since it makes everything a little bit too religious with a moment of creation), I wonder whether there can be any other explanation...? Or does anyone have undeniable proof of it? I know that the folks behind the plasma universe have alternative ideas, but the scientific rigor seems to be lacking there.

    • j gunther
      j gunther

      if the universe was expanding then so would be all our references so we couldn't know it. but if only space is expanding like he appears to be saying, our references for distance stay constant. i don't know anything though. it needs a follow up video. some of his videos are great, others not so much

  • Cosmic INFJ
    Cosmic INFJ

    But I often feel like an Alien

  • Vishnu Vijayakumar
    Vishnu Vijayakumar

    The universe is expanding at a very slow rate. The forces pulling space apart is very weak as compared to the gravitational forces holding all the stars together in galaxies. As a result the space between galaxies is expanding while the individual galaxies themselves are not expanding. This is also true for all the objects in a galaxy like us. The forces tearing space apart is weak as compared to the electromagnetic forces holding the molecules together. As a result we are not expanding. But one important thing that is not explained in this video is that rate of expansion of the universe is increasing. The forces tearing space apart is increasing. After many billions of years later is rate of expansion will become fast enough to rip the galaxies apart, with the stars in the galaxy moving apart. Again billions of years later the expansion will become strong enough to rip the stars apart. Then the expansion forces will become strong enough to rip us apart. The atoms making our body will be torn apart. Eventually the entire universe will become a cold lifeless and vacant space.

  • FelonWind

    I really appreciate your tone in these videos. So many pop science speakers talk like cult leaders and it freaks me out

  • Edward Millen
    Edward Millen

    You might wanna check the subtitles at 0:20

  • Beau Theory
    Beau Theory

    What if localized expansion is caused by the pulsation of electro-magnetic forces in a celestial body as it tidally interacts with nearby objects' electro-magnetism during the oscillations of its orbit?

  • mtl shdr
    mtl shdr

    so, if the observers are at rest they will not see the photon red shifted because the ones that do also moving away along with the photon?

  • Boki 69
    Boki 69

    Yo mama so fat she expands faster than universe

  • Ritik

    Funfact - this is my first comment on his channel

  • Dredge Rivers
    Dredge Rivers

    4:30 What if the person in the middle of the rocket tilts his head and watches it the whole time?

    • Dredge Rivers
      Dredge Rivers

      Ever do that thing as a kid where you hold your fingers horizontally in front of your eyes, and move them up and down while watching a spinning bicycle wheel? Get the stroboscopic visual effect? Kid science. Huge truths in tiny mysteries. (Like the way trout create microscopic cold fusion reactions all over their skin to effortlessly resist the current... Because otherwise the fish would be swept away pretty quick, no matter how hard it swam, right?)

    • The Cryptic Cryptek
      The Cryptic Cryptek

      That's not going to change anything If he was able to observe the light the entire time he'd see it shift accordingly

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  • Eric Bushhousen
    Eric Bushhousen

    "Why is it red?" ♥️

  • Tom Avent
    Tom Avent

    If redshift is just a result of the observes motion, how does this relate to the energy of the photon. As most detectors rely on a measurement of the amount of energy delivered, where does this extra energy come from/go to during red shift and blue shift

    • Josh S
      Josh S

      The energy doesn’t go anywhere the shift is due to what’s happening to you as an observer not what’s happening to the light. A closer example would be an ambulance going down a road past you. As it heads towards you the siren gets higher pitches and as it heads away from you it gets lower pitch but the siren itself is at the same frequency throughout its journey down the road.

  • Tanmay Jain
    Tanmay Jain

    Derek, nice no beard look!

  • Joydeep Moitra
    Joydeep Moitra

    The light came outta most distant object is always shifting because of the space expanding... So as the can u say that the galaxies are not stretching?

  • Miami Jim
    Miami Jim

    I am expanding in time with the universe and possibly at the same rate dependent on mass percentage. I can however slow my rate of expansion... but not my rate of entropy.

  • jlastre

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  • domoredujordan

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