These Pools Help Support Half The People On Earth
What are these electric blue ponds in the middle of the Utah desert? And why do they keep changing color?

Join Derek Muller (Veritasium) as he looks into the weird, bizarre, and seemingly inexplicable images found on Google Earth to discover what on Earth they actually are. It’s a travel vlog, documentary, and science show wrapped into one. It’s Pindrop.

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    Synthetic fertilizers are multo no bueno for soils but whatever for the sake of "progress", I guess.

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    pero porqué el título lo pusieron en inglés while all the info was told in eng

  • *_* Corumeach
    *_* Corumeach

    Very interesting, though I cannot share your enthusiasm for this stuff. In fact, it has merely shifted the order of magnitude and not so much changed the proportions between rich and poor. There are more rich and independent people on earth today than before, but in relative terms just as many poor and miserable people than before. In principle, we have only increased the severity of the inevitable catastrophe in the future; we have done nothing to mitigate or avoid it.

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    David Garton

    I love his vids but its interesting when he steps outside his knowledge domain. At the end he says that stuff like this enabled us to break out of the Hunter Gatherer trap of having to spend all our time getting food by well hunter gathering. Well it turns out that the Hunter Gatherers spend less time doing this than the time we spend at work. They are usually well fed rather than starving. Agriculture tied people to the land and allowed surpluses that allowed people to be other things than farmers and farm workers like scientists, priests, soldiers, poets, musicians etc etc. But get this. Most people have to work at a daily boring painful badly rewarded grind. Think slave economies such as ancient Rome, Southern States of the US and I'm sure quasi versions still exist. And I guess Hunter Gatherers were and or are generally brighter than us. Yes we know a lot but that is concentrated in a few people. Your HG has to be able to quickly adapt to subtle changes and draw conclusions and act on them. What is true is that technologically speaking we wouldn't be where we are without agriculture but think on this, where is it driving us? Just a thought!

    • Allan Wilmath
      Allan Wilmath

      At the beginning of your rant I was going to disagree with you but I do agree with where you ended up. The obvious fact that civilization exists to redistribute wealth simply is not part of our culture, sadly it demonstrates our ignorance which is promoted to protect elitist's greed masquerading as capitalism. With the beginning the mass automation humans could be freed to do all kinds things, from art to research. The Western Capitalism word needs to find values other than 'mine' if we are to travel the solar system and become what we could be. Being hunter/gatherer would vary greatly on where and when so not always an easy way of life. Civilization can be used to make everyone's life better or it can be used to enable tyranny on a global scale.

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    Why did this not become a series?!?

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    Federico Brioni

    Fertilizers doesn't support agriculture, on the contrary they make land less productive over time.

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    Dawn Shimmer

    I was honestly a bit worried for you when you put the potassium in the water. In my chemistry class we used an even smaller piece and it created a bigger and more dangerous explosion

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    Lol kalsi

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    The physical models you make take you videos to another level. Keep it up man.

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  • → to the knee
    → to the knee

    18:03 - Actually, anthropologists have shown that hunter-gatherer lifestyles yield much more free time to individuals. It was agriculture that drained people's time so much that they were forced to have more children just to keep up with growing food, leading to an unnecessary population explosion. And this trend continued until we developed machines to do some agriculture work, plus exploited "lower class" humans to spend their time doing all the hard work for us because agriculture is so inefficient. There are people today who still rely on hunting and gathering, and they spend most of their time sitting around relaxing because hunting is so efficient. (Obviously everyone on the planet, _today,_ cannot rely on hunting/gathering, but we wouldn't even have that particular resource problem in the first place if it weren't for agriculture artificially increasing the human population to unsustainable levels.)

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    Equidistant Honeyjoy

    17:20 wouldn't blue absorb less light, since blue objects are reflecting the higher energy blue light and absorbing the lower energy red light? Wouldn't it be better if it was red or, ideally, black?

  • Peter Duncan
    Peter Duncan

    Loved the video , only one thing you might have stated when you gave the short segment on Saskatchewan potash, they are the world leaders period, in production , no one beats them. How do i know this ? I was involved with a company called Asia Pasic, we found one of the richest deposits in the world in Thailand. We were a public traded company at the time and like any good value for share entity we went to Saskatchewan potash with the hopes of joint venturing . When we arrived at the plant , we very quickly realized our higher grade deposit wouldn't be comparable to the immense production they had. Even with the project being almost 100% funded, it didn't matter ... No one on the planet can compete with Saskatchewan potash. If you put all the mines that the USA has together , they don't compare with what one mine in Saskatchewan puts out every year ... Great expose on Potash , your correct about all aspects , but Unfortunately guy's the world leader is in Canada ...

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    This is beyond cool. Something that seems so simple has such an amazing story. It's mind blowing that the whole world depends on this stuff

  • Your Songs
    Your Songs

    Veritasium has a valid ash. Joke aside, hey Derek, what do you think of studying spiritual phenomena with quantum mechanics? So far you have introduced so many things unknown to humans, but i guess the soul is one of the biggest puzzle to solve in life. Recently I've come across many amazing channels here, like "Huff Paranormal", "Hope Paranormal" and "Life to AfterLife Spirituality Series". They're using spirit boxes to connect with spirits, and it's very much meaningful for humans to know that life is eternal. I wonder, in terms of physics, what is the soul made of actually? Plasma? It'll be a great fun to have discussions or work with researchers about that. Cheers!

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    would pot ash usage be so high (and size of population) without the Haber process and Nitrogen fertilizers...? If it's to believed, population numbers increased by 4 times with the advent of Nitrogen fertilizers. What will happen if enviros stop use of natural gas, is that the end of nitrogen fertilizers and food for all?

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    I saw these on an ATV ride. It was so jarring seeing something on the internet IRL.

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    There are evaporative salt ponds in the San Francisco Bay that change color due to the algae that grow in it. Each salinity level supports a different color algae, so the progress of evaporation is literally color-coded by Nature.

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    Nihal Nidhi Shivam

    Wow man that is some good science applied in everyday life. Really loved the way it was brought up. Nice Explanation. Enjoyed the video a lot.

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    When the bird shouts: subtitles, ok i’ll make is birds crying

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    Actually, the hunter-gatherer societies that have been studied spent an average of about 4 hours per day satisfying their essential needs. Agriculture simply helped to ease times of famine, often with lower-quality foods.

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    Our hunter-gatherer ancestors did not spend "all day, every day" obtaining food. Research unambiguously supports that we were apex predators for ~2M years and spent ~2-4 hours/day hunting, discovered plant-husbandry and the all-day, back-breaking, mind-numbing labor required to survive by it only ~12K y.a., and we've been paying for that monumental mistake every since with general, organism and environmental degeneration e.g. declining brain volume and stature, depression, suicide, genocidal tyrannies, slavery, wide-spread plague, famine, and war, etc. Human technology is astounding but its' cost continuous and increasingly horrific.

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    Before I watch the video I’m gonna guess it’s for sulfur collection

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    "hey guys look i just burnt some wood and put it in some water" roughly 2000 years later: "lets make explosives with this pot-ash 'ium'!"

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    i fly from salt lake to california a lot and i always see so much weird stuff in the middle of nowhere and i don't think i ever thought veritasium would make a video about it

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    There are alternatives to chemical-based fertilizers that are feeding unnatural growth and have huge environmental side effects.

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    18:09 Hunter Gatherers did *not* spend all day every day searching for food- Marshall Sahlins argued in 1966 that they only spent 3-5 hours a day doing that. They probably had much more leisure time than modern workers. "Sahlins argues that hunter-gatherer tribes are able to meet their needs through working roughly 15-20 hours per week or less." When challenged that he didn't include time spent processing and preparing food (and activities like gathering firewood; which is unrelated to the point you're making about fertilizer in this video), Sahlins' estimate was revised up to ~44hrs/week for men and ~40hrs/week for women on all types of work, including housework and food prep. Modern workers spend AT LEAST 8hrs/day and 40hrs/week on their jobs alone; if you include housework tasks like cooking, cleaning, shopping, and errands, that expands to consume a vast portion of modern lives- much more than 8hrs/day or 40hrs/week. While you still have a point that abundant agriculture can reduce time spent producing food from 3-5 to 0 hours per day, because a modern worker instead acquires food by earning money at a differentiated task, you make a very misleading statement in the process of making that point which could give viewers a very misguided view of a different scientific topic. I loved learning about the main subject matter in this video, but I'd appreciate it if the supporting statements for your main point weren't misleading! I happened to know better about this particular topic, but now I'm wondering if I can trust the accuracy of what you said about the subjects I'm less familiar with, and that makes me feel disappointed :< I wonder if I actually learned as much as I thought about all those subjects from this video, or if I learned some bogus fun facts that don't actually agree with science.

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    Did this guy just revealed to me how to make a bomb? Although from what I've seen that would be the only potassium I'll ever make.

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    Lol. If I ever get lost in a forest, I won’t be able to find food. But I’m now able to be the soap dude.

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    hunter gatherers did not spend all day finding food, agriculture merely allowed the nascent bourgeoisie and patriarchy to fully dominant society with stupid ideas like logic and reason

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