Chaos: The Science of the Butterfly Effect
Chaos theory means deterministic systems can be unpredictable. Thanks to LastPass for sponsoring this video. Click here to start using LastPass:
Animations by Prof. Robert Ghrist:

Want to know more about chaos theory and non-linear dynamical systems? Check out:

Butterfly footage courtesy of Phil Torres and The Jungle Diaries:
Solar system, 3-body and printout animations by Jonny Hyman
Some animations made with Universe Sandbox:
Special thanks to Prof. Mason Porter at UCLA who I interviewed for this video.

I have long wanted to make a video about chaos, ever since reading James Gleick's fantastic book, Chaos. I hope this video gives an idea of phase space - a picture of dynamical systems in which each point completely represents the state of the system. For a pendulum, phase space is only 2-dimensional and you can get orbits (in the case of an undamped pendulum) or an inward spiral (in the case of a pendulum with friction). For the Lorenz equations we need three dimensions to show the phase space. The attractor you find for these equations is said to be strange and chaotic because there is no loop, only infinite curves that never intersect. This explains why the motion is so unpredictable - two different initial conditions that are very close together can end up arbitrarily far apart.

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  • Jacob Slaton
    Jacob Slaton

    Why did the motion of the Moon keep Einstein up all night? It's not like he could physically see it.

  • Jim Parsons
    Jim Parsons

    So Determinism can't work because of friction? Boggle. Friction as as entropy? More boggle. Liked the clip and the cleverly presented arguments.

  • workoutfanatic787

    8chan logo lmao

  • Altair Chan
    Altair Chan

    Imagine that one guy that didn’t vote to launch a missile while on a soviet submarine during the Cuban Missile Crisis, I bet most of us will not be here commenting

  • Victor Gojocco
    Victor Gojocco

    Does this mean therefore that life (existence) itself does not make sense in the final analysis???

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    nungubi canubgar

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  • Conaire Parsons
    Conaire Parsons

    Its so interesting seeing where that buttrrfly-like shape comes from. You see it all the time in many sci-fi shows. Even Assassins creed has it. But it's always out of context other then "weird choas, its all connected!" Kind of stuff and its almost always written by the "crazy" guy trying to prove something.

  • Roan Evergreen
    Roan Evergreen

    something thats always bothered me is how the moon perfectly eclipses the sun. how does that make sense

    • Релёкс84

      "Perfectly" as in within a 10% margin.

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    Phillip Price

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    Pretty amazing

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    I’m supposed to be getting ready to somewhere important. I’ve just text I’ll be late 🤷‍♂️

  • Victor Yankov
    Victor Yankov

    Gosh lol! Just though that would not last good.. as the prediction in such systems is not possible and after take a larger scale it goes even more hardcore for taking even a single event occuring in time-space is quite not a catchable thing. Result - because of the chaos we are humans?

  • Mourya Naidu Alti
    Mourya Naidu Alti

    Next one is the fractal video is it published yet?

  • Randell graham
    Randell graham

    I can predict what multiple metronome will do when all started at different times. Kinds breaks the rules of both chaos and 🦋


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  • Che Nor
    Che Nor

    This is why a deterministic smile, could change the world.. unpredictably for the better..

  • Ricardo Silva
    Ricardo Silva

    0:05 Brazilian butterflies are overpowered

  • i hate almost everything equally
    i hate almost everything equally

    When did a carriage driver that couldnt do hes job made a priest nuke the whole universe

  • Phillip [Last Name Redacted]
    Phillip [Last Name Redacted]

    The bigger picture here is when in the future we "time travel" into the past. Anything we do even the slightest of things like bump into someone on the street can change the entire future. Let alone if we were to kill jon wilks booth before he shot Lincoln. Or even stop Oswald from shooting Kennedy the timeline would be so massive disturbed we'd return to a present we've never seen before. Many think our first destination is hitlers birthplace to make sure he does in infancy to avert world war two.


    @6:35 when he says that the pint will never revisit the same state again, but the curve crosses on itself.... I find it really confusing... Can anyone pls. explain?

  • Machtyn

    10:30 Haha, I hit this video right after watching the x(n+1) = rx(n) * (1-x(n)) video. And I was going to ask if that infinite curve landed on 4.669 at some point.

  • Nichole Silsby
    Nichole Silsby

    the problem is our number system. if it wasn't so ungodly hard to find long decimals we wouldn't have this issue

  • Reality is Harder than what you think
    Reality is Harder than what you think

    Can our mind change the future as we think differently every time? Or is it the fact that there's nothing like free will? Everything at a fundamental level is a bunch of particles. Even our brain. So once upon a time in the begining of the universe every particle had some initial conditions. From since everything is following the butterfly effect. One simple change in the initial conditions and the whole galaxy might not have created and human also. If everything is deterministic in butterfly effect then our thinking must be deterministic. So everything is predetermined. There's no free will. Every fundamental particle is following the chaos theory since the beginning of the universe and our brain is made up of those particles. As long as those particle's future is deterministic then our thinking will be deterministic. So the future of us and the whole universe is already determined or existing in respect with in initial conditions of this universe. This thing fascinating me as hell

    • workoutfanatic787

      can’t answer your question without knowing the nature of consciousness. And - we don’t. Not even the best philosopher or neuroscientist can give you the essence and parameters of human “consciousness”.

  • Solar Heavy
    Solar Heavy

    3:00 But what if the hinge on the pendulum breaks? We can't predict the future result of the pendulum will remain static if we add in the factual variable of uncertainty, and given enough repetition, all variables end up happening over an infinite timespan.

  • Christopher Rodriguez
    Christopher Rodriguez

    Spiral kills us, Spiral makes us

  • Chlona

    Small causes, large effects

  • Devil Liar
    Devil Liar

    Where is the fractal video?

  • Addison Mira
    Addison Mira

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  • Hariom Kushwaha
    Hariom Kushwaha

    *We are currently living in the biggest visible effect of Butterfly Effect* Who imagined that a Random Guy who ate Bat Dish in wuhan-china would cause World Economy to collapse and have a worldwide Pandemic. No one. Right?

  • X-Mighty

    So everytime i see a butterfly flying (i live in Brazil), a Hurricane happens in Texas.

  • Your Local Anime Enthusist
    Your Local Anime Enthusist

    There’s something that I thought of and probably others who’ve thought of it as well, if you go back in time and prevent your birth, won’t that mean you wouldn’t exist? But if you didn’t exist how would you prevent your birth? It’s a loop, you don’t exist so you can’t prevent your birth, but the reason you don’t exist is because you prevented your birth

  • Smith Peter
    Smith Peter

    "we can't predict far in the past" Evolutionists: One hundred thousand billion years ago...

    • Smith Peter
      Smith Peter

      @Anal fabrics you also believe we used to be a liquid, so I could care less.

    • Anal fabrics
      Anal fabrics

      @Smith Peter I believe you're a dumbass

    • Smith Peter
      Smith Peter

      @M3l0n x I have, carbon dating is as good as guessing and sediment layers can also be produced by electricity.

    • M3l0n x
      M3l0n x

      @Smith Peter nah bro you haven't even looked at fossil records, carbon dating, or even sedimentary layers.

    • Smith Peter
      Smith Peter

      @Anal fabrics I believe fossils came from massive electrical discharges not time, which is what evolution says made everything.

  • RamChandra Varshney
    RamChandra Varshney

    Lorenz: *I'm stunned*

  • Santosh Nepal
    Santosh Nepal

    principle of karma

  • rob kirchhof
    rob kirchhof

    People seem to worry more about how going back and changing tiny things will matter, more than they worry about how what they do today will affect the future...

    • rob kirchhof
      rob kirchhof

      This is 8 year old philosophy, i hope you can grasp this :-)

  • Dr. Ramkishor Sah
    Dr. Ramkishor Sah

    you know when that music hit at the end I always get chills

  • Curtis Warren BTW STOP BEGGING
    Curtis Warren BTW STOP BEGGING


  • Curtis Warren BTW STOP BEGGING
    Curtis Warren BTW STOP BEGGING

    For example, the tiny cause is me posting an image of SCP-096 on the internet and the effect would be multiple XK Class events happening at the same time.

  • Nate Burkart
    Nate Burkart


  • Daniel Gerendas
    Daniel Gerendas

    Ok, now hear me out, mixing this with the fact that some quantum effects are known to be completely random, they could propagate and create vastly different outcomes. Like maybe a due to a quantum effect the DNA is changed, which causes a mutation, that changes the appearance or abilities of an animal, an that change propagates more and more, all starting from a "random" effect ending in humankind destroying the earth due to a nuclear conflict for example. Now, what if that was not random, but something or someone from outside the universe controls it? That being could change the outcome in the universe setting the state of these "random" values, without breaking the laws of physics. As far as I know the scientific consensus is that those are truly random behaviors. It gets you thinking...

  • fafflerproductions

    He says how you cannot predict how a collection of states evolve, how when many factors are introduced you cannot predict what will happen accurately. From the start he makes it seem like he's opposing determinism, but if thats the case, his argument contradicts itself. He continuously states how things are "unpredictable" due to the chaotic nature and sensitivity of systems after seemingly dismissing laplace's demon, which is a theory based off of the "if" of if a being COULD calculate literally everything

  • Chinmay Somani
    Chinmay Somani

    Who is here after Micheal Crichton's Jurassic Park😂😂

  • ThothHeartMaat

    you release a double pendulum under the same conditions and you can never get it to take the same path.. but its perfectly understandable to teach everyone the same curriculum and blame the students for different outcomes and abuse them for whatever reasons and give people terrible lives as a result and give them an endless list of excuses for why its acceptable that their lives have to be terrible...

  • kyol

    The real lesson to chaos theory is that the only way to improve is to put yourself outside your comfort zone.

  • ThothHeartMaat

    so if my choices have profound effects on the rest of my life then other peoples choices about how they taught me to think from my birth have profound effects on my choices and so its not really my fault but it is societies.. and the fact that everyone just laughs at my failures is sick.. because its their fault not mine... and if we're really a civilization that cares about people and loves people then we should all be working for the success of every person and not putting all the blame of everyones failures on a few target people who will carry the burden of everyone elses negligence..

    • ThothHeartMaat

      i am the benefactor..

  • Yuda Sukama
    Yuda Sukama

    When i was a kid, about 6-7, i always thought something like, "if i go to the past, some water vapor in river/lake near my house will act different (more or less vaporize because of my body or activity), and maybe will change the clouds masses, and change the weather, and change the whole things in the present and future". I thought i was crazy. And then years later, i found this butterfly effect theory, and i surprise some crazy peoples think the same thing with me hahaha🤣

  • Tonio9606

    If butterfly’s can create tornadoes 🌪 why aren’t we all doomed yet?

  • Venky

    Beautiful explanation

  • Tristan Tzara
    Tristan Tzara

    I recommend the audiobook/book from eternity to here. Has a lot on this stuff

  • Milorad Menjic
    Milorad Menjic

    If we kill all butterflies will we prevent tornadoes only in Texas or worldwide ?

  • Milorad Menjic
    Milorad Menjic

    0:09 and can the tornado in Texas cause the butterfly in Brazil to flap its wings ?

  • Kevin Kev
    Kevin Kev

    There is a book about this called “chaos” and its a great read.

  • James Batley
    James Batley

    Dr. Malcolm: Dr. Sattler, Dr. Grant, You've heard of chaos theory? Dr. Sattler: No. Dr. Malcolm: No? Non-linear equations? Strange attractors? - Dr. Ian Malcolm, Chaos Theorist

  • Kneee Deep
    Kneee Deep

    causality is inescapable. Freedom and choice are illusions given to justify our lengthy pursuit of answering why. everything is connected.

  • H

    Im always blown away by his video. Wow, simple explanation on such complex concept without single equation. Great video.

  • Lakshay Makhija
    Lakshay Makhija


  • Lakshay Makhija
    Lakshay Makhija


  • Lakshay Makhija
    Lakshay Makhija


  • Lakshay Makhija
    Lakshay Makhija


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    DC 01

    Chaos is a ladder 🪜

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    Korrinn Wood

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  • blueraccoon

    I'm kinda greatful and infuriated that my teachers never taught physics this way.

  • WLWillyWill

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    Buijksae Cfdddsae

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    • NeonDrive

      Ah yes, of course.

  • Suhel Mulla
    Suhel Mulla

    it was my M. Tech. thesis topic...I am so amazed to see how he explained it in most simplistic way... just awesome...👍👍

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    Lorrita xavier

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  • nandhavardhan chowdarynamboori
    nandhavardhan chowdarynamboori

    But Laplace's demon may be defied by consciousness

  • The Gentrified Gentleman
    The Gentrified Gentleman

    Nothing in our UNIVERSE is the same, nor equal! This is the point why precision will NEVER be perfected. You cannot digitize reality with numbers. Why? Because numbers themselves are not equal to each other. 1 and 1 do not equal 2! Because one and one are not equal. Nothing inside of our UNIVERSE is equal. NOTHING. It's not chaos. it's reality. Everything is one of a kind. No matter how small, large, tangible, or intangible. For instance we draw the number one on a piece of paper. Then a plus sign and then another number one. However, the first one is short or more atoms of lead from the pencil than the other one. Therefore, the number one and one are not equal from the beginning. So when we add them together. We are not adding equal numbers. Not in reality. We are making up equality in our minds. Which means ALL NUMBERS ARE IMAGINARY!!!

  • The Epicurean
    The Epicurean

    Simple harmonic motion

  • Hilal küçük
    Hilal küçük


  • Jimmy Heymann
    Jimmy Heymann

    0:56 Me: "The question is going to be 'Do I make/leave an impact on this earth?'" Derek: "How well can we predict the future?" Aw :(

  • Pedro Santos
    Pedro Santos

    Really interesting! Thanks!

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    Yoga Adi Nugraha

    What i got from this video : nothing, my brain can't process the whole topic of this video

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    Can philosophy explain science,OR can science explain philosophy?

  • MostlyGaming

    everything is predictable except my mom's mood

  • Sarah Banana
    Sarah Banana

    7:23 and 10:44 beautiful chaos

  • Kitten Kraze
    Kitten Kraze

    Me watching this video got my mom mad cause I can’t stop procrastinating

  • Youssef Mohammed
    Youssef Mohammed

    When Laplace created a god he called it a ‘Demon’

  • camron reynosa
    camron reynosa

    3:15 this is very similar to your video on "gravity doesnt exist" where you describe spacetime curvature between multiple masses.

  • Lazar Zivkovic
    Lazar Zivkovic

    There is no science behind butterfly effect because science cannot resonate, and butterfly effect comes from resonance. Wheather predictions will always be wrong, inacurate and unprecise because is based on consequences, while it must be based on causes. I still remember being awake at night about 1 am 10 years ago, was 2. jun (if i remember well), snow started falling for 30 minutes here in Serbia, while no wheather cast has predicted it.

  • Brokkoli7hun

    "three body problem", "chaotic attractor"...... man, i feel like these mathematicians were projecting their fucked up love life on physics...

  • Piyush Vishwakarma
    Piyush Vishwakarma

    I am little confused here. The secret of synchronisation I understand that the individual components of the system affecting each other will eventually reach in a synchronised state due to the effect they have on each other. And if so, isn’t the state of such system deterministic? Weren’t the state of those metronomes deterministic no matter what their initial state is?

  • Rohith Vasuru xFedrVkuIz
    Rohith Vasuru xFedrVkuIz

    A system trying to predict the future requires every tiny details of present which includes details of system itself. It creates a self referential paradox.

    • Shubham 25.3
      Shubham 25.3


  • Armoz

    This came up in my recommended and I’ve never heard of the butter fly effect besides the song by Travis Scott kinda sad tbh 😭

  • Lozzie74

    I look forward to the video on fractals. My kids asked about the lyric in the movie Frozen (Princess Elsa sings about the fractal shape of her ice palace in the song “Let it Go”) and I explained “the shape is the same no matter the scale” and cited that mountains are typically fractal. I’ve long been fascinated with the mathematics of fractals, first encountering the “blancmange” function in high school.

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    Tony Lee

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  • World Citizen
    World Citizen

    The Butterfly Effect has many similarities to the multiverse hypothesis.

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  • Proud to be a Christian
    Proud to be a Christian

    Jesus loves you so much!

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