The Launch of Perseverance to Mars
This was a pretty extraordinary experience - thanks to NASA for inviting me! The Atlas V 541 rocket took off carrying the Perseverance rover and Ingenuity the Mars helicopter at 7:50 am July 30, 2020. They should arrive in about seven months on February 18, 2021

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  • BehrooZ Abshar
    BehrooZ Abshar

    good using mask. my mom 85 and dad 88 died from Chinese Corona, they had may other other physical problem using pills each 7, 9 different friend's 90 died by Corona too he was ill too...well they all went to heaven and see God. we are happy for them and having celebration happy music dancing... Hoooray

  • Eddie Giles
    Eddie Giles

    At what point would you be to close to the sound waves to survive.. What effects would it have on your body as you approached that Rubicon.

  • Aron Reineman
    Aron Reineman

    These engineers should have a 'rockstar' fame if you ask me 😁🤣 no but seriously these engineers should get more attention for their incredible work!

  • Pola & Tiger
    Pola & Tiger

    Appreciate your life a little bit, god dammit! Space exploration is not a life changing topic! In the end it will get us nowhere. Life is here. Make a difference here!

  • Bryan Black
    Bryan Black

    Standing in an empty field talking about how he thinks he's the only one out there.. While wearing a mask.. What's the matter with you?

    • Bryan Black
      Bryan Black

      @Wowsuchgoodcontentihave of course I have problems, it's part of the human experience. But thankfully wearing a face diaper that does fk all.. in an open field.. alone isn't one of them.

    • Wowsuchgoodcontentihave

      Errrrr i think u have a problem.

  • Yansong Huang
    Yansong Huang

    How far are we from sending people to Mars. I would like to experience it if I ever had the chance.

  • FriendlyYoutuber

    Sorry Man, I don't live in the USA, so don't really get your politics. As a man of Science... please tell me why you are wearing a mask ....outside... ?? Is it a country law thing or is it pollen?

    • Wowsuchgoodcontentihave

      Maybe he just wants to

  • Niraj Naik
    Niraj Naik

    "There are just some moments in life where you are really on this rock hurdling through space".

  • Rifa Elektronika
    Rifa Elektronika

    Incredible sound

  • David Cardenas
    David Cardenas

    I took my whole family out to the beach that morning!! We live about 125 miles straight south, the morning was so clear & blue we saw it easily. Very epic

  • Y M
    Y M

    it reminds me Gattaca 😌

  • Crescenn

    For a moment I thought he was David Thewlis, then he moved his head to the side and the look a like siezed to exist.

  • lo-fi ROBOT Boy
    lo-fi ROBOT Boy

    Emotional? Yes. Filled with sadness over the immense waste of resources and the extremely high environmental impact that every rocket launch represents. Mars doesn't need our litter, the atmosphere on Earth doesn't need the tons of additional carbon released by that single rocket and millions of people could use the government money that goes into the space program to pay for health services and housing. For me, he "Neato" factor surrounding rockets has faded as I consider the human and ecological costs involved.

    • lo-fi ROBOT Boy
      lo-fi ROBOT Boy

      @Wowsuchgoodcontentihave This is a ridiculous argument. It's akin to saying, "mass murderers kill way more people so this single murder is OK". The vast amount of Aluminum Oxide and Hydrazine released in a single rocket launch has far-reaching environmental implications as well as some pretty horrible health impacts for humans. SpaceX and Virgin etc. have no interest in science or intellectual growth. Mr. Musk and others are purely profit-driven. And yes, the military, especially the American Military Complex is major contributor to environmental degradation, human suffering, and political unrest. There are a lot of unjust systems on this planet.

    • Wowsuchgoodcontentihave

      @lo-fi ROBOT Boy the military wastes waay more. And this stuff can help us progress. Theres way more wasteful things.

    • A B
      A B

      @lo-fi ROBOT Boy it’s a cost, although it’s on the order of 1,000-10,000 times less pollution than the airline industry. For that small cost, we get a big benefit, not only in earth observation and new materials and products developed through space flight, but also we learn more about extraterrestrial environments and challenges we and robotic explorers face in them.

    • lo-fi ROBOT Boy
      lo-fi ROBOT Boy

      @A B a small waste is still a waste. the tonnes of fuel and other resources expended by Nasa, Space-X and others is a significant source of emissions.

    • A B
      A B

      It’s truly insignificant compared to all other emissions. And with NASA using 0.48% of the US budget for all its earth observation and space exploration, it’s a good deal. You’re not going to solve all the worlds problems with 0.48% of the budget.

  • Emma Beyer
    Emma Beyer

    I will never forget the sound from my first rocket launch...

  • Prasobh Narayanan
    Prasobh Narayanan

    Can someone get my man a pair of sunglasses pls

  • Duncan Aitken
    Duncan Aitken

    1:53 : Pure joy and amazement.

  • Tory Bruno
    Tory Bruno

    Derek, I have only recently discovered your channel. Love it! Sorry I missed you at the launch. Even after 20 missions to Mars for ULA, it never gets old for our team. If you'd like to do this again and be a little closer to the pad, just let me know. I know a guy. ;) -Tory

    • Wim Beckers
      Wim Beckers

      Could you introduce me to this guy?

    • Tom Vaughan
      Tom Vaughan

      Hi tory

    • Tamal Mahato
      Tamal Mahato

      Hey tory bruh you bald genius

    • Mmb 300
      Mmb 300

      Eeeeey Tory coming out with boss moves

    • kldonnn

      Well that's freekin lucky message for us :D Waiting to see a video of you both ❤❤

  • Naiemaa

    In a past life I was into some spiritual things, and hearing you now describing the lunch almost sounded like a religious experience, it would have taken people in the past great effort to reach this out of body experience and to approximately get to a similar realisation about our humble position in the universe (Even without knowing what we know now about it)... Other than that parallel what fascinates me is how technology is facilitating a similar experience almost on demand and for no effort relatively speaking, as if it has short circuited the experience!

  • Name is...
    Name is...

    I'll never forget the way it felt to feel the ground shake when I watched my first launch and living in Melbourne I was close to the cape and it never got old to me I still love it

  • trifleful

    Hi Derek, does NASA really embeds names on a microchip and sends with on rovers or orbiters to Mars? From there campaign send your name to Mars?

    • A B
      A B

      Yes, it’s a chip (3 actually), on the rover.

  • zues121510

    Why isn't this video being recommended to absolutely everyone? Barely any new comments. Anyways, it was cool watching this video when it came out and then seeing the video of the same rover landing on Mars. Make me wish I could've seen the launch myself, and also makes me wish I could live to the age where just maybe, I can see this rover on the Martian surface for myself.

  • Aman Kumar
    Aman Kumar

    And it lands ✨

  • OpenVisionz

    Stupid mask

  • Jips

    Welp, perseverance just landed on mars.. What a great moment to be alived

  • Arin Roday
    Arin Roday

    Anybody here after the landing ?

  • Jacob Sime
    Jacob Sime

    It has landed :)

  • Mr O
    Mr O

    It landed Thursday 18/02/2021 just before 1pm WIIII

  • Ephraim Atta-Duncan
    Ephraim Atta-Duncan

    It landed successful 🙌😊

  • Rodrigo Freitas
    Rodrigo Freitas

    Waiting people to comment here again after the landing :)

  • lemz potutan
    lemz potutan


  • dayum boei
    dayum boei

    Came from the future to say that it landed strong and healthy.

    • Slight Kek
      Slight Kek

      Fr came back for this vid to see if anyone commented lmao

  • Ward Houben
    Ward Houben

    I got some news for you :)

  • Akshat Srivastava
    Akshat Srivastava

    Touchdown Confirmed. We are SAFE ON MARS !!!

  • Menthe Simon
    Menthe Simon

    Here we are, today. The amazing Mars Rover about to land on the red planet

  • ironMan

    Just realized I'm watching this on Feb 19, 2021... the rover should be in Mars by now!!!

    • EliminatorGaming

      well now it is

    • Menthe Simon
      Menthe Simon

      It will be there in TWO HOURS OMG


      its feb 18 dude and its not on mars yet

  • Matthew Grayson
    Matthew Grayson

    Who else has this video in their recommended on the day of the landing

  • Luke Williamson
    Luke Williamson

    only about 24 hours until the day it arrives!

    • Adveroy

      5 hours left

  • Paul Ferris
    Paul Ferris

    The more you understand it the more fascinating it is.

  • Tomi Connelly
    Tomi Connelly

    What did the Cabal do to you as a child? Were you born in the Monarch Program? Talk about it.

  • Max Xyan
    Max Xyan

    why is the sun so big ?

    • Max Xyan
      Max Xyan

      @Menthe Simon thanks brother

    • Menthe Simon
      Menthe Simon

      Only looks like that. Light on screen looks very different from reality

  • Jose Luis caballero cortes
    Jose Luis caballero cortes

    Why they don’t send the rocket through the ozone hole , may be less energy will be required to push out of the atmosphere 😅

  • Glitched Blox
    Glitched Blox


  • Alan Cruiser
    Alan Cruiser

    Dude, you're wearing a mask!

  • Not Bendy Snowball's Alt
    Not Bendy Snowball's Alt

    Seeing this video is crazy in perspective. I watched this live with my dad in the morning. Hundreds of thousands of others shared that experience, along with people on the ground such as Veritassium.

  • Not Bendy Snowball's Alt
    Not Bendy Snowball's Alt

    Everyone who reads this: Look up at the sky tonight. Look at the Moon. Do you see the terminator line of light and dark? Adjust yourself to that perspective. Do you see how its somewhere between being perpendicular (equator) or is slanted? Thats the curve of the Earth for you. You are sitting on the curve of a massive body of mass. A huge celestial body. Sitting on it, looking up at an object orbiting past you at thousands of miles/meters per second. Hurtling past. Watch the Moon, arch across the sky past you. It puts things into perspective. You, a tiny small specimen, are watching the Moon pass over, over 300,000 kilometers away. Seeing it from your position on a massive ellipsoid, orbiting around a massive star, accounting for over 98% the mass of the solar system. That is why we need to go to space. We were always meant to explore.

    • Not Bendy Snowball's Alt
      Not Bendy Snowball's Alt

      @Star sailor :))

    • Star sailor
      Star sailor

      @Not Bendy Snowball's Alt :')

    • Not Bendy Snowball's Alt
      Not Bendy Snowball's Alt

      @Star sailor Nothing to be ashamed of :) I've shed my fair share of tears when it comes to space.

    • Star sailor
      Star sailor

      Why must you make me cry in the morning this way

  • The Tekneique and other random content
    The Tekneique and other random content

    16 more days until it gets there.

    • EliminatorGaming

      well its already there now

  • Make Money Now
    Make Money Now

    Glad I found this channel! Your videos are so good!


    The lamentable range unexpectedly coil because character ontogenetically unite astride a swanky brandy. panoramic, scared criminal

  • Amish Patel
    Amish Patel

    Just imagine Elon musk and Vertasium. MIND BLOWNNNN

  • vadim videos
    vadim videos

    hey dude why are you wearing a muzzle? Do you really believe. it will protect you from the virus? And this is a man who is telling us about the science, my Gosh!

  • Eclipsos81

    I've been at a launch and boy does the sound get me everytime

  • Garland Remington III
    Garland Remington III

    You bet we subscribed to this “extremely informative” channel!!

  • That Should Work
    That Should Work

    when the wright brothers first took flight it was a big deal, but now, planes do so every day. I wonder how long until these become commonplace as well.

  • Jonathan2844

    were 3 months away

  • Kedar Kulkarni
    Kedar Kulkarni

    100 years from now.. probably less..some kid sitting in spacecraft watching this old video and wondering about how amused this man at 1:53 is just to see something take off

  • Dynomynamic 7
    Dynomynamic 7

    He was right it's a miracle, the sky is clear for the first time

  • golfnovember

    I remember seeing my first rocket launch several hundred miles south in West Palm Beach. A few hundred people gathered at the top of the parking structure at Palm Beach International Airport. From that far away, and perpendicular to the flight path of the rocket, you can really get a sense of the speed it is reaching to get to orbit. Years later, another Mars orbiter was launched from Vandenberg AFB here in California. My wife and I got up early in the morning to see it. We found a secluded area (where other people were also waiting to see it), and we saw it leaving earth. Seeing it down range had a similar effect in perceiving the speed it had to reach. Our eyes were the last to see it in person before it left earth’s gravity to reach Mars...rockets never get old!!!

  • PyroCook

    The moment I realized I was on a rock going threw space was when I took 3gs of shrooms for the first time 🤣

  • sasi balaji
    sasi balaji

    @Veritasium From 1:39 we can hear a sound. Is it from the rocket motors or the air resistance?

  • Michael Meredith
    Michael Meredith

    Nice mask out in the middle of a field douche bag

    • JayJay Aviation
      JayJay Aviation

      Is there a problem with that?

  • M M ● Storyteller
    M M ● Storyteller


  • Space Facts Wax
    Space Facts Wax

    Thanks for uploading. I got the chance to witness a rocket launch in 2018. Amazing experience. I shared a pretty fun montage of the journey to my channel.


    MY name is in that thing

  • Critney

    Goosebumbs .. thx for sharing!

  • Maniac

    1:43 someone farted while keeping mic in his ass

  • Lisa Marie Bright
    Lisa Marie Bright

    Did you say “It really hit the dome” or it really hit home? The sharp right turn “doing its turn to the east” is baffling! There’s no way you are so intelligent and you believe this makes sense.

    • JayJay Aviation
      JayJay Aviation

      Google what a fricking orbit is. Monkey see monkey say monkey truth is how I put this

    • Lisa Marie Bright
      Lisa Marie Bright

      @hauntified Nasa spun a yarn long enough for me to knit a blanket to cover the world in darkness! After that, I'll get the yarn they spun with "we can't go back to the moon because we lost the technology to do that" and I'll knit a flag that reads, "YOU ARE AN IDIOT!" I'll fly my rocket ship to the moon and plant it right next to the American flag to wave in the breeze. Everytime you look at the moon you can remember what an idiot you are, okay? When I get back from the moon, you can catch me outside, How bout that?

    • hauntified

      Go back to knitting stuff grandma.This stuff is too advanced for your brain

    • FromNorway

      Why shouldn't this make sense? Getting into orbit is more about reaching a high enough _sideways_ speed than a certain altitude, so the rocket has to pitch over shortly after launch. The profile of a typical rocket trajectory is more or less like this:

  • BayonetteWork

    man i remember watching it launch live on the weather channel

  • Dr. A.I. Kryptanical
    Dr. A.I. Kryptanical

    Dr.Zurbuchen his voice sounds almost like William Dafoe's voice!

  • Haram Bae
    Haram Bae

    NASA is the planetary Amazon Prime.

    • JayJay Aviation
      JayJay Aviation

      Maybe space x should get that title

  • Zoriox


  • SS. Gentle Man For someone
    SS. Gentle Man For someone

    Wow! I come from Thailand. Do you working in the team of NASA?

  • Logan Kotter
    Logan Kotter

    Hmmm, why isn’t that old German Rocket guy in jail? Kind of sus. Vote him out of Among Us, definitely an impostor.

  • Daniel Weseloh
    Daniel Weseloh

    The dichotomy of it all. A rocket trail like that can be the very symbol of hope, or the very harbinger of oblivion. What a strange world we live in.

  • amzer2

    666k views lol

    • Telo

      666 dislikes

  • samus73
    samus73 Look, I found the indian Derek :D

  • aldenret

    I got that feeling of cosmic awarness when i saw the moon during the day a couple years back. I remember noticing how the edge of the shadowed part of the moon was almost straight but had a slight curve to it, and i realised that you could probably use that curve to calculate how close the moon was to the earth. That opened my eyes

    • hauntified

      You can use the retroreflectors Apollo Program brought there to measure that. 😄

  • Kattleya

    Why does the reflection of the sun look so big?

    • JayJay Aviation
      JayJay Aviation

      You’re not an early riser

  • ohnoitsjose

    “All of a sudden you feel it in your body. The sound of force propagating slower than the light will hit your body and will really shake you. It’s this almost out of body experience that you’re apart of. Taking off from the shore of the cosmic ocean, you know for me its like punching a hole in the sky.” - Dr. Thomas Zurbuchen

  • Mandeep Techs
    Mandeep Techs

    India se kon kon dekh rha hai?

  • Jellyroll Jellyjinks
    Jellyroll Jellyjinks

    I also saw it launch, it was my first too

  • Chris

    Derek just seems like such a genuine & pure guy

  • ice mine
    ice mine

    where are all the views???

  • ice mine
    ice mine

    why so little views???

  • Rene Schickbauer
    Rene Schickbauer

    If you ever get the chance, watch a Vega launch.

  • Cyber Lolo
    Cyber Lolo

    Thank you so much. Watching you having so intense fun and joy and redistribute it so nicely is the best thing I’ve seen since a lot of time. Thank you.

  • Zanthum

    "... shore of the cosmic ocean." Someone has been listening to Carl Sagan.

  • Jraz Levant
    Jraz Levant

    What Space Agency is this SpaceX Or NASA or China SPACE Agency? Edit:Oh I See the Building ITS SAYS NASA

    • JayJay Aviation
      JayJay Aviation


    • hauntified

      That is the VAB

  • Willa Herrera
    Willa Herrera

    Go watch to fuel dragsters. It's a experience you can't explain with words.

  • Harish Dewangan
    Harish Dewangan

    If Elon Mask was also there during the launch then it would have been harder to recognize who is Derek and who is Elon. both look similar

  • Yashas

    Would it be possible to compute the velocity of the rocket from the recording? I can see Doppler effect in the video but maybe we could extract some information from it?

  • Lynn Christina Fonsi
    Lynn Christina Fonsi

    You have no idea , how much i love laminar flow. Turbulent flow what i see ....

  • Piyush Sonigara
    Piyush Sonigara

    Flat earthers be like - ThiS IS FaKE


    wow its universal ,that people loves more about celebrity gossip than actual science and exploration . only few people showed up .

  • Bharat Singh
    Bharat Singh

    How clean the air was 🕵‍♂

  • Totenmaar Haim
    Totenmaar Haim

    earth is flat, space is fake

    • JayJay Aviation
      JayJay Aviation


    • hauntified

      I suggest completing secondary school

  • towardsthesun

    I can't understand what you're saying behind your face diaper.

  • TheOtherDave

    Spectacular! Ad astra, per aspera. And onward, for eternity.

  • Carter Phillips
    Carter Phillips

    Ok 6 months to go

  • Barrett Henderson
    Barrett Henderson

    What he asked: what should i be looking out for when it launches? What they said: 0:53

  • Augustin Gervasio
    Augustin Gervasio

    I watched that from my front yard