Parallel Worlds Probably Exist. Here’s Why
The most elegant interpretation of quantum mechanics is the universe is constantly splitting
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Prof. Sean Carroll
His book, a major source for this video is 'Something Deeply Hidden: Quantum Worlds and The Emergence of Spacetime'

Code for solving the Schrödinger equation by Jonny Hyman available here:

I learned quantum mechanics the traditional 'Copenhagen Interpretation' way. We can use the Schrödinger equation to solve for and evolve wave functions. Then we invoke wave-particle duality, in essence things we detect as particles can behave as waves when they aren't interacting with anything. But when there is a measurement, the wave function collapses leaving us with a definite particle detection. If we repeat the experiment many times, we find the statistics of these results mirror the amplitude of the wave function squared. Hence the Born rule came into being, saying the wave function should be interpreted statistically, that our universe at the most fundamental scale is probabilistic rather than deterministic. This did not sit well with scientists like Einstein and Schrödinger who believed there must be more going on, perhaps 'hidden variables'.

In the 1950's Hugh Everett proposed the Many Worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics. It is so logical in hindsight but with a bias towards the classical world, experiments and measurements to guide their thinking, it's understandable why the founders of quantum theory didn't come up with it. Rather than proposing different dynamics for measurement, Everett suggests that measurement is something that happens naturally in the course of quantum particles interacting with each other. The conclusion is inescapable. There is nothing special about measurement, it is just the observer becoming entangled with a wave function in a superposition. Since one observer can experience only their own branch, it appears as if the other possibilities have disappeared but in reality there is no reason why they could not still exist and just fail to interact with the other branches. This is caused by environmental decoherence.

Schrodinger's cat animation by Iván Tello
Wave functions, double slit and entanglement animation by Jonny Hyman
Filming of opening sequence by Casey Rentz

Special thanks to Mithuna Y, Raquel Nuno and Dianna Cowern for feedback on the script

Music from "Experimental 1" "Serene Story 2" "Seaweed" "Colorful Animation 4"

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    • Vladislav

      But remember that there must be partcles that will carry information about change in states (like photons bounced off cat awake, or asleep) - that's what makes it real, not our calculations beforehand.

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    • Vladislav

      There's a device called interferometer (after a phenomenon of interference). Long story short, this device (like many-many others, including double slit experiment; and even single slit!) would have given totally different results, weren't electron truly in all possible states at once! Prior to measurement.

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    • Jerry Mitchell
      Jerry Mitchell

      But the only way to test that hypothesis is to conduct an experiment where no one ever does choose to conduct it or become aware of the results, and that experiment is already running all the time everywhere. "Our perspective" includes all of the capabilities of science, and science can't look outside its own capabilities, by definition. (Because science is only science in conscious minds.. to a jellyfish it's.. well, I don't know what, because I don't think a jellyfish even has "sounds" or "shapes".. something less than that.)

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      This actually has evidence backing it up, he explains it in his video, the problem comes when determining which explanation makes more sense, as they both would make the same set of predictions, meaning the many worlds interpretation is untestable against other interpretations. TLDR: it has evidence for it's existence, but it's the same evidence the other interpretations use.

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      Rowan Weathersby

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      Rowan Weathersby

      This is called the Fermi paradox, we should see more life forms and alien civilizations than we do (0), but we don't. This could be due to a "filter" of sorts, where species die out before we have the ability to detect them. The question is: is the filter ahead of us, ie. Climate change, or behind us ie. Abiogenesis?

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    • Vladislav

      You're right: from the point of MWI, these equations with superpositions in them are suitable only for particular kinds of observers - ones that are not able to see beyond the walls (i.e., didn't catch a photon bounced off a cat yet), or ones that are still wait to catch it. And once they did, they will branch\decohere.

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    Jeff Bezos

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    Global and historical thoughts

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